DecoShield® Design

Why Retrofit with the UL/ULC Listed DecoShield® Systems

The DecoShield®​ Cover takes up less area than other soffits (less intrusive into the living space).

    • The DecoShield® Cover will not dent, crack, rust or corrode.
    • The DecoShield® System is tamper-resistant.
    • When obtaining our UL/ULC Listing, tests were performed by UL to assure the properly installed DecoShield System is tamper-resistant. With closely spaced clips, the DecoShield® Cover cannot be readily removed. The DecoShield Cover cannot be removed by attempting to pull it down from its properly anchored position, while the curved design of our L-Shield restricts even the ability to physically grab hold of the cover. Caulking the edges where the DecoShield®  meets the building surfaces further restricts attempts to physically remove it.
    • The low profile design of the DecoShield® System assures spray from the sprinkler head saturates even the back wall–no dry areas. In many cases, other larger soffit systems may require extra sprinkler heads to ensure full coverage.
    • The DecoShield® System can be installed in occupied premises.
    • The DecoShield® System  can be installed under asbestos ceilings.
    • With the DecoShield® System, there is minimal dust and debris when cutting and installing.

Note: Should the cover need to be removed to get to the sprinkler piping, with the DecoShield® System you may need to remove only a short length of cover–not the entire expanse of the soffit.* Replacement components are inexpensive and easy to replace.

* A special “Removal Tool” is available.


In the past, there were three basic alternatives for retrofitting existing buildings.

  1. Place the conduit or piping above the ceiling. This alternative is practical only when the building has or can add a suspended ceiling.
  2. Construct a wood and plaster soffit around the conduit or piping after installation. This alternative is costly, time consuming, and messy.
  3. Leave the conduit or piping exposed below the ceiling. This alternative is rarely acceptable from the viewpoint of aesthetics.
  • The design of the DecoShield® System was determined after many interviews with sprinkler contractors, engineers, architects and building owners. Their consensus is that a modular soffit must:
  •  Install rapidly and with little or no clean-up required.
  •  Be economical.
  •  Be tested and proven to be safe.
  •  Be tamper and dent proof.
  •  Be easily painted.
  •  Meet model building code requirements for low smoke and low flame spread (Class A) materials.
  •  Be able to be installed below asbestos-laden ceilings.
  •  Be able to be installed on concrete surfaces.
  •  Have design versatility.
  •  Have an attractive, low profile appearance.
  • The DecoShield® System is designed to answer all of the above concerns, and to make retrofitting affordable.
  • Cover Material – High impact-resistant low flame spread, low smoke material. The cover is easily paintable, but painting is not required. It will not dent.
  • Snap-fit Design – The cover is designed to simply snap onto supporting clips. These clips must be in place prior to installing the piping. This snap-fit design allows for fast assembly while simultaneously rendering the system tamper-resistant. Once it is installed, the DecoShield System cannot be removed with ordinary tools.
  • Ease of Installation – The cover can be field cut by the installer using a power mitre saw with a 10″ abrasive wheel or 32-tooth carbide blade. A complete line of fittings and transition adapters provides the versatility required for retrofit installations.
  • Appearance – The DecoShield® Cover provides the low profile appearance of a decorative molding with two distinct designs; the “L” design for corner installations, and the “U” design for flat surface installations.
  • Safety – Due to the special requirements for fire sprinkler protection in the NFPA 13 Book of Standards, DecoShield® Systems, Inc. voluntarily submitted the DecoShield® System to UL for testing and Listing. UL tests proved the system could be safely used for the intended purpose of supporting and covering fire sprinkler piping and, thus, became the first cover system ever to gain a UL Listing.
  • Economy – Depending on the type of pipe used and the size(s) of the pipe, the cost of the DecoShield material ranges from $5.50-$18.00 per lineal foot. Call us for more specific pricing information.
  • Uninterrupted Occupancy –  The DecoShield® System offers the advantage of uninterrupted occupancy during installation. The DecoShield® System can be installed in a minimum amount of time, with minimal debris and mess, allowing occupants to be virtually undisturbed during installation.


  • The DecoShield® System is UL/ULC Listed for fire sprinkler applications as a decorative cover and support system for UL Listed CPVC piping and, when so used, is subject to the same limitations as “exposed” CPVC piping as follows:
    1. Installation below smooth, flat, horizontal ceiling constructions.
    2. Used with listed quick response pendant or horizontal sidewall sprinklers or with non-recessed residential sprinklers installed in accordance with their listings.
  • The “Combo” and “Snap-2” hangers, per their UL/ULC Listing, may be used with CPVC piping independent of the DecoShield® Cover in any installation for which CPVC is listed. They are the only non-metallic hangers to earn UL Listing status. These hangers are UL/ULC Listed for plastic pipe only, but are sometimes used with copper, with the consent of the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).
  • The DecoShield® -M System pertains to the use of the DecoShieldCover System as a decorative cover for metal piping in conjunction with independent metal hangers employed to support the piping. The DecoShield® -M System is, thus, UL/ULC Listed as a decorative cover for metal piping. The metal hangers employed are independently UL/ULC-Listed.



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